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I think I just ran into a pretty big “gotcha” with my transition to corfu.el: it doesn’t seem to work with SLIME (at least, not OOTB) and all of the solutions that I’ve found to make them work together so far are pretty… unsatisfactory, to say the least.

As any Common Lisper can tell you, is a pretty big deal, as SLIME is pretty much the reason why Emacs is so awesome with Common Lisp.

But just as I was about to revert back to using company-mode, I stumbled across a thread that mentioned that corfu.el does work with Sly, a fork of SLIME. So, after a quick package-install later and, lo and behold, corfu.el does work OOTB with Sly!

So, I guess I’m trying out one more shiny new “modern” Emacs package then.

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